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Life is One of Our Greatest Teachers

Dr. Pam Cobler is a dynamic speaker, children’s book author, and Owner/Founder Cobler Consultants, LLC i.e. the Kuddle Kitty Children’s Book Series and Products.


She tells compelling, relevant stories based on her life experiences as a former elementary teacher, administrator, business owner, consultant, and as someone who experienced a traumatic spinal cord injury.

Life Is One Of Our Greatest Teachers
Video Series

“Personally, I really enjoyed it. It was an eye-opener when Dr. Cobler was speaking as an experienced educator. It helped me grow stronger and more knowledgeable.” 

Student at Longwood University, Felisha Mellott

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About Pam

Dr. Pam Cobler is has a doctorate degree in education and is a former elementary school teacher with classroom and administrative experience. With her background in education, business, and community engagement, she has provided training workshops for teachers, associations, boards of directors, and schools and has published articles and news columns. She has also facilitated and coordinated keynote speeches and conferences locally, statewide in Virginia, and nationally.


As a former Ms. Wheelchair Virginia, Dr. Cobler has traveled and inspired audiences to remember, “If she can do it, then they can do it.” Her work with government and organizations has proven her professional experience and credentials that prove why she’s the speaker you should hire to motivate and teach life-long skills that make a difference and encourage excellence.


Pam's Talks

“Life is One of Our Greatest Teachers”

Learning life’s most important lessons is important, and the earlier the lessons are learned, the better we become. These primary lessons have a greater impact and add more value leading to health, happiness, and productivity.

Dr. Cobler supports educators while teaching relevant, life-long topics for early childhood and elementary-aged children.


This educational and inspirational talk will have a lasting effect on teachers and other educators while Dr. Cobler shares serious life topics through playful, thoughtful stories through her traumatic injury and experiences as a former elementary teacher. Teachers will be motivated to lay a solid foundation, brick upon brick, to secure the success of the child’s learning pathway.


And, as a result, teachers will learn a three-part strategy to help children overcome obstacles at an early age and apply these strategies to real-life situations.

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“Going Beyond Where We Are All Sitting”

Effective teaching meets the learning needs of each individual student. As instructors, we aim to help all of our students learn and succeed, individually and in groups. Effective teaching is the foundation of cultivating a passion for language arts at the earliest age possible.

In this fun and informational workshop, Pam will be sharing and modeling best practices for the classroom teachers in grades preschool to elementary grade levels.

Teachers will learn the elements of language arts, while focusing primarily on reading and writing. We all have our own stories and we all have somewhere we have been and somewhere we want to go, and this is not different for children-they need guidance and leadership. For this purpose, successful instruction and learning strategies will be included with the stories of relevant life-topics.



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“Dr. Cobler delivered an inspiring keynote address at our recent early childhood education conference! She used her personal stories to motivate participants to always strive for excellence! I highly recommend Dr. Cobler for professional development events and consulting opportunities. She is a joy to work with! “  

Melanie McLarty, Director of Smart Beginnings Martinsville Henry

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“The feedback from the participants of the Growing Together, Learning Together 2023 Early Childhood Conference was enthusiastic, positive and very appreciative of the beneficial and inspirational message presented by Dr. Pamela Cobler in her keynote address. Not only did she provide a great keynote address, and informative and practical breakout session, but also she was very enjoyable to work with throughout the entire conference planning process.”

Ruth Anne Collins, Early Education & Family Resource Coordinator, Smart Beginnings Martinsville Henry 


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